Following is an update and important information regarding a June 19 meeting regarding the proposed rehab center that would be located on Quaker Ridge Road (former site of Hudson Institute).

The Town Director of Code Enforcement in Cortlandt, who is responsible in the first instance for interpreting the Zoning Code, issued a Memorandum on May 16th concluding that the proposed Hudson Wellness Center is not a Hospital that is eligible for a Special Permit in the R-80 Zoning District (R-80 is one of Cortlandt’s single family zoning districts). Instead, he determined that the proposed facility is a Rehabilitation Center, which is not permitted in the R-80 District. While this use is not permitted within the R-80 District, the Director did confirm that Town of Cortlandt welcomes Rehabilitation Centers, Hospitals and Specialty Hospitals in specific zones.

The Code Enforcement Director went on to find that even if this facility was deemed a Hospital, it would not be a permitted use in the R-80 District because it would not front on a State Road. While this conclusion is also helpful, it may not matter unless the ZBA (or a Court) was to overturn the Code Enforcement decision that the facility is not a Hospital under the Zoning Code.

The developer of the proposed Hudson Wellness Center will appear before the Zoning Board of Appeals on June 19th in an effort to try to overturn this Code Enforcement decision.

While the meeting is not a public hearing and community members will not be allowed to speak, this is an important meeting and we hope you will attend.

Cortlandt Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting

Wednesday June 19th at 7 pm

1 Heady Street

Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567